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History of Project


October 1981
Thai Agrico Potash Ltd. (the current company name “Asia Pacific Potash Corporation Limited”) or (APPC) was granted potash exploration and production license in the area of Udon Thani province, by the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand. The exploration by APPC defined two separate, large potash deposits: Udon South and Udon North. APPC has primarily planned to develop Potash Mining at the Udon South.
May 1999
APPC submitted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONEP), which was approved in December 2000.
May 2003
APPC submitted mining license application for the Udon South potash project. in compliance with a new mining and environmental law (No.5) as amended in 2004.
June 2006
Sin Rae Muang Thai Co., Ltd., (a subsidiary of Italian-Thai Development PCL,) acquired APPC. Therefore, APPC became a 100% Thai owned company.
September 2006
After the structure of shareholder was changed to 100% owned by Thai company, APPC has policies to run the project with unanimity, emphasize on public participation process and reduce the impact caused by mining as the priority. September 25th, 2006, APPC decided to cancel the approved EIA and accepted to conduct the revised and updated EIA with positive environmental implications and comply with additional compulsory regulations for “EIA Permit” and with approach for public and community relations.