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Environmental Management


Environmental Management

       Udon Potash project has realized the importance of preserving and attending the environment and the community. Although the project was not subject
to criteria for the project that may cause severe impacts to communities on environment quality, natural resources and health notified. To provide the confidence to local people and communities, the project has hired the “Team Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.” as a consultant, studied to assess the impacts on the environment and health as a consequence of implementing the project, conducted of public participation, worried issues by local people, made other recommendations to be the primary mechanism for implementing mitigation measures, included the environmental and health prevention and mitigation measures of the people living in and surrounded the project area. The emergency plan of environmental management for potash mining project is summarized as follows

  1. The underground mining and ore processing should be adopted the clean mining technology and the best available techniques, to reduce the impact on
    the environment as a whole.

  2. Support and develop entrepreneurship to the strategy aims of green industries, which commits to friendly environment and in sustainable practices for
    community and social responsible.

  3. The saving environment and rehabilitation for the mining project are planned on the green extension area, forest rehabilitation to restore their natural
    resources. At the same time, efforts to secure water resources and restore scenery as a fully great forest.

  4. The conservation and rehabilitation of the water sources in and around the project area, to ensure of good water quality. Waste water will not be drained
    out to public or natural water resources, and perform continuously water quality monitoring to protect the impact to water resources of the community in
    the mining license and surrounded areas as a whole.

  5. Regularly environmental quality monitoring must be conducted by the specialists.

  6. Mine rehabilitation will be implemented after mine closure. Surface infrastructures will be pulled down. The areas that are dug as ponds will be also filled
    and graded. The declines will also be plugged. Ground surface will be graded to be the same as original ground elevation to improve its topography.