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Occupational Health and Safety Management


APPC has realized the important of occupational health and safety, and the environment as the core of company operation. Occupational health and safety
management will create the confidence in life and property safety, as well as operate the project under the efficiency method and well sanitation. The other
important thing is that this will reduce the accidents of project workers that will potentially occur. The project has regulated the occupational health and safety
measures as follows:

1.Setting of the activity and seminar to promote and provide the knowledge and understanding among the project employees to have positive attitudes and
   manners in work concerning the occupational health and safety. The training is on the annual basis or at least once a year.

2.To be safety to the employees, the project has to strictly follow the Regulation No. 9 (B.E. 2513) and the Regulation No. 50 (B.E. 2525), Section 17 of the
   Mineral Act B.E. 2510 and  amended by the Mineral Act (No.2) B.E. 2516 regarding the protection of the employees and safety of the third persons.

3.Prior to commence working, the meeting for employees or workers must be set by the supervisors in order to work with caution, prevent and reduce the
   accident especially in the new workers or in the high risk groups.

4.The emergency plan required to set for supporting the possible accident or danger that will occur during operation or other cases by cooperating with other
   related sectors.  Training and seminar must be set periodically, at least once a year.

5.Training required to the workers concerning the properly and efficiently use of each type of machine or equipment under their own responsibilities.

6.Risk analysis has been identified by the types of operation and types of risk, in order to assign the appropriate type of personal safety equipment. The warning
   sign or equipment-type symbol of personal protective equipment from danger that must be worn in each site must be installed in order for the employees and
   visitors to be clearly informed.

7.Personal protection equipment must be appropriately and sufficiently arranged for employees/workers under their types of work. All equipment must be    checked and maintained to be efficient function. To provide sufficient backup device and strictly supervise the employees to wear the personal protective
   device from danger.

8.The authorized officers, who are responsible for the work safety inspection in working area must be appointed; such as the supervisors/shift leaders, who are
   responsible for safety within the workplace on a daily basis, and the approved safety inspectors who are responsible for performing inspections on the weekly

9.The manual/the procedures/the maintenance instructions, and the maintenance of all equipment used in project are being ready and safety for work. Those
   must be approved by the mechanical engineers or certified safety officials.

10.Provide the knowledge of sanitation and disease prevention to the workers and the employees.

11.Construct toilets under sanitary regulations with sufficient quantity for workers and employees

12.Provide sufficiently the drinking and consumed water and manage strictly under sanitary regulations.

13.The accidents occurred during operation need to be recorded by indicating the causes and details of the solutions in order to prevent the occurrence
     of the same event.