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Corporate Governance Fact Sheet


Internal Policy of Asia Pacific Potash Corporation

>APPC working procedure policies on Health and Safety to be practically followed as the following:

    >Consider health and safety in the workplace as priority;

    >All employees have responsibility as common on health and safety;

    >Define the risk places that accident can be occurred and set the preventive measures;

    >Provide training to all employees on the prevention of accidents and injuries;

    >Provide employees with appropriate safety equipment;

    >Respond immediately to incidents that may endanger human health or safety;

    >Follow firmly all applicable health and safety laws and regulations;

    >Respond promptly to employee and community concerning health and safety; and

    >Continuously improve the health and safety procedures and conduct annual audits.

  >APPC provides the working policies on environment as the following:

    >Identify the main causes of environmental problems created by the project operation, set the pollution protection and minimize the impacts
      of water and soil resources and air quality;

    >Comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations;

    >Continuously improve environmental performance by setting clear objectives and targets and measuring progress against specific
       performance on an annual basis;

    >Assess potential environmental impacts of materials, products, production processes and facilities;

    >Conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials and limiting energy consumption where possible;

    >Respond promptly to employees and communities around the project area relating to the environment concerns; and

    >Distribute the employees of the environmental policy to create understanding for common, and provide environmental awareness training.

APPC has set the investigation to revise the Corporate Governance Principles to improve and add policies to cover all expected areas in order to conform to
the international standard.


Information Disclosure and Transparency

The summary of progress report has been prepared by APPC in the form of monthly report and quarterly report to submit voluntarily and regularly to the
related government departments in order to show the exposure and transparency of the company’s communication.

Moreover, APPC tries to improve the company’s website to disclose all essential information for external people as well.