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Community Development


Community Development

The project has aimed to develop the community within and surrounding the mining area such as environmental, health and people’s well-being supports
in order for the project to be sustainable development and be friendly to the community and the environment.  The project has the policies to develop the
community as follows:

  1. Planting trees and forests to increase green zone around the project area.

  2. Managing to maintain good quality of water resources in community, by protecting water pollution drained out to local water sources and safeguarding
    the community’s water quality in a continuous cycle without affecting on the quality of water supply sources in community surrounding the project area.
  3. Providing place for the recreation center and sports facility for people living nearby project area.

  4. Improvement the new landscaping around project area to be more beautiful perspective.

  5. Improvement the infrastructure of mining area, such as road and urban transportation system in a more efficient manner and convenience.

  6. Development education in related jobs of the underground mining for the Udon Thani Education Institution, to become the local jobs training center.
    Transferring of technology and knowledge of the underground mining in order to potentially develop of the community’s man powers.

  7. Project’s scholarships that are allocated to the local youth students in the mining license granted area will create educational opportunities, as being a
    fundamental human resources development and improve the quality of their life. They are all considered to be the future of Udon Thani province.
  8. Public health care in the community has been planned. The project is allocated health monitoring fund to support health surveillance impacted by the
    project operation and to be used to support healthcare of the community in the project area.
  9. The project will create directly and indirectly the employment opportunity leading to the reduction of local people migrating to other regions, this will result
    to the unique of the families’ members living together in the same community and hence reduce the problems of children and old people abandoned.