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The meeting to clarify and listen to the operation of the Udon Potash Project at Prachaksinpakom District.


The meeting set for Udon Potash project to clarify of the project operation was conducted in conjunction with the related sectors on 9:00am, May 29th, 2015
at Prajaksilapakorm district. The sectors and people related included the Bureau of Udon Thani Industry, the Sub-district Chief, the Village Headman, the Chief
Executive of the sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO) from Huay sampad and Na Muang, and the representatives from the Thai Radio Center, Military
Circle 24, Police, Muang Udon Thani, Udon Thani Province’s Environmental Conservative group, and Udon Thani Potash Project.

With great thanks to Mr.Narong Phollaeiad, the vice governor of Udon Thani (acting the Udon Thani Governor) to provide the opportunity for all sectors to
discuss and share ideas, thanks also extended to all people attended this meeting. This was considered to be the first new occasion that all parties had discussion
in Prachaksilapakorm district. Although the government sector did provide at first the representatives of Province’s Environmental Conservative group to share
their opinions, but that information was very useful and face-to-face discussion was also very good sign. Some of the mainstay had never provided correctly of
the project information making them to misunderstandings. The committee would plan to clarify by meeting with the villagers in all parties. This should reduce
less conflict.  So please be cooperated to make all clearly. Currently, the project does not want to see the image of the winner and the loser but win for both.
The project operation must be conducted as best as possible. It must also not be impacted to the environment. In case of the problems occur, that must be
the responsibility of the project to compensate. People should not be worried and also had a chance to participate periodically in investigation of the mine as
defined by the laws. People will, in the other hand, obtain the direct and indirect benefits from several funds set to make them the better life. We should
cooperate among the other for the advantages of all Udon Thanian in common, even though it was quite difficult but success could also be achieved like the
other projects