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The Local Government Sectors joined cooperatively with Udon Potash Project in Bi-annual environmental monitoring program in the project area


APPC has purposed to operate and develop the Udon potash underground mine which is in the stage of mining lease application and has also realized that the
environments around the project and adjacent areas are importance. Based on this reason, the environmental monitoring program has been, therefore,
conducted to be the base environmental information and used as reference as well as distributed to the communities for their advantages since September
2001, though the project has not operated yet. In 2015, APPC has assigned the S.P.S Consulting Services Co., Ltd. to carry out the environmental monitoring
program that includes air wind velocity and direction, noise, vibration, surface and underground water, soil, and ecological monitoring. The latest monitoring
conducted was during March12-17, 2015.


The Udon Potash project in conjunction with the S.P.S Consulting Services Co., Ltd., the Udon Thani Regional Environmental Office 9, the Udon-Thani
Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Udon Thani Office of Primary Industries and Mines Region 2 and Pollution Control Department were in
the monitoring locations and collected samples of soil, surface water and underground water for being reference prior to mine operation. This monitoring
program for base environmental database has been conducted for 14 years.



The monitoring locations for soil, surface water and underground water were in the plant site and mining lease boundary areas including Nonsung, Nongpai,
Nong Khonkwang sub-districts of Muang district, and Huay Sampad and Na Muang sub-districts of Prachaksinlapakorn district, Udon Thani province. This
environmental monitoring purposed to obtain the base environmental database used for further references and compared to the future database when
the mine operated.   


The Udon Potash Mining project has hired the environmental consulting firm to monitor for further analysis and report to related government sectors.
This program was joined by the government sectors that had authorize to investigate and follow the project as regulated by the laws. They included the
officers of Government sector; Regional Environmental Office 9, Udon-Thani, Udon-Thani Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment, Office
of Primary Industries and Mines, Region 2 Udon-Thani and Pollution Control Department. 


This environmental monitoring was cooperated not only by the government sector but also the public sector. There were two representatives, named Mr Kowit
Srithong and Mr Thanut Angboonta from Ban Wang Saeng , Moo 10 , Na Muang sub-district, Prachaksilapakorm district, represented the stakeholders to
observe this monitoring program. This purposed to investigate the project working performance to assure and make confident of work conducted on behalf of
the villagers as well as the stakeholders’ representative.